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Empowering the
Future of Your

Acuity Innovations empowers our defense customers and teammates by providing clarity to the complexity of transforming to future warfighting through unmatched vision, experience, and passion – extreme enablement.


About Us

Acuity Innovations LLC is a small, woman-owned defense contracting company that provides digital ecosystem design, program integration, and program sustainment services to defense customers. Our core services are delivered through expertise and experience in enterprise architecture, solution design, digital engineering, defensive cyberspace operations, system integration, and test and evaluation capabilities that improve performance and decrease decision timelines. 

The Value We Bring



  • Illuminating the path to success in today’s DoD 

  • Stand-up and operation of futures/innovation units

  • Accelerated innovation, solution development, and integration 

  • Assisting our clients through each step in achieving their desired end state

  • Maintaining a keen understanding of the threat landscape



  • DoD digital transformation & innovation initiatives

  • Alignment with larger department initiatives (i.e., NDS, NDAA remediation, JADC2, DoD Digital Transformation, etc.)

  • Key stakeholder engagements/demonstrations

  • Engaging with operators and product owners to discover, design, and develop software via modern practices (i.e., Agile, Scrum, etc.)


Enterprise Solution Focused

  • Bring the right expertise to design the most effective digital environment 

  • Fully understand the mission space to accurately & clearly define the right problem and pain points

  • Solution design is focused on a digital ecosystem approach (any data source consumable by any consumer)

  • Maintain focus on the Strategic-to-Tactical mission traceability

Core Service Offerings


Digital Ecosystem Design

Mission Data: When and Where You Need It

Solutions designed to provide timely, accurate, contextual, decision-quality data across all domains and echelons of decision

  • Integrating Future-Ready Digital Solutions

  • Empowering Tomorrow's Warfighter

  • Fostering Cost-Effective Innovation

  • Streamlining Defense Technology Innovation

Space Enterprise Integration

Mission Operations: Integrated and Assured

Enterprise-Focused System Integration and Interoperability

  • Optimizing Space Domain Warfighting

  • Engineering Excellence for Space Missions

  • Integrating Tomorrow's Mission Systems

  • Advancing Defense Capabilities in Space


Core Capabilities


Enterprise Architecture

  • Expertly defined & relevant architectures

  • Forward thinking, built on modern practices

  • Embedded into key processes

  • Rapidly create value for decision-makers

  • Aimed at underpinning advanced concepts


Digital Engineering

  • Accurate digital/virtual twins

  • Provides pre-integration and risk buy down

  • Enabling model-based system engineering

  • More efficient integration and ops transition

  • Simulation, wargaming, & experimentation


System Integration

  • Enterprise-level understanding

  • Requirements verification & management

  • Interoperability trusted agent

  • System-of-systems level approach

  • Solution integration roadmap management


Solution Engineering

  • Strategic-to-Tactical-minded solution designs

  • Designs delivered in rapid, iterative cycles

  • Full spectrum design & engineering 

  • Data-centric warfighting design

  • Enabling warfighter digital transformation


Defensive Cyberspace Ops

  • Fully architected defensive cyber capabilities

  • Advanced cyber sensing, analysis, & alerting

  • Cyber operations embedded into all-domains

  • Counter modern and emerging threats

  • Enable integration of defendable cyber terrain


Test and Evaluation

  • Full lifecycle test process and execution

  • Test planning & procedure development

  • Development testing in Agile environment

  • Transition to operations

  • Operations acceptance & IOC/FOC declarations

Our Team

Acuity Innovations is first, and foremost, a team of individuals that have dedicated our lives to the defense of the United States of America. Our people draw on diverse experience and skill sets, set in principles and values, and possess a converging desire to lead DoD clients down a path to successful solution implementation. We understand and appreciate the challenges that our clients face in today’s global landscape. We will embrace those challenges as we strive to bring benefit and value to our clients, services, and the department. 

Acuity Innovations Team

News and Events


Contact our Business Development Team


7222 Commerce Center Dr, Suite 250

Colorado Springs, CO 80919


  • LinkedIn

Aaron Gibson

Chief Growth Officer


Mike Baumgartner

Senior Space Operations Strategist

Logo Acuity_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 5_ed

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